What's my story?

It's difficult to find new creative talent to work on your brands. Someone you trust to deliver consistent, high-quality concepts again and again. A creative that is results driven rather than ego driven. After all, it’s an investment in your business, you’re asking them to produce copy and concepts that will grow your brand, get responses, comments or sales leads, so how do you make that choice?
Creativity is such a subjective process, nothing is guaranteed, so 'confidence that you are making the right call' is crucial, it's the start of a good working relationship. What delivers confidence is a history of consistency.
The benefit of consistency for you is that your brand is much more likely to get what it needs. Consumers are a fickle lot, needs change and you need someone who can adapt and work across multiple mediums but still give your brand the same tone of voice and effective concepts that cut through the deluge of messaging on our screens. Years of experience and practice gives me a distinct advantage in that area. 
I'm based in Auckland, but I have worked for agencies in Wellington and Tauranga, freelancing for Colenso BBDO, FCB, TBWA, Shine, Saatchi and Rapp to name but a few. Before that, I worked in Europe at Saatchi&Saatchi and several agencies in the UK. I have worked on all kinds of accounts across all mediums, producing concepts for brand, digital, direct and social media. I have won awards all over the world for my creativity, although that has never been my focus, I have always thought that curiosity was my greatest asset. 
Every experience has been an opportunity to learn and to grow. I am no longer a fresh-faced youth and the only thing that I can claim to be under 40 is my waistline but I don’t make excuses for it. I have banked experience, worked through an evolving industry where being adaptable has stood me in good stead. 
You can view my profile on Linkden or send a message if you’d like to talk over a project. Feedback is a wonderful thing for a Creative – good, bad or indifferent. So, please get in touch.
Steve Girdlestone
Thank you!
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