Website copy produced for Velocity Design that became the global positioning for Carl's Jnr
From little acorns. This started off as a very small job. I was asked by the design team that was re-designing the interior of Carl's to produce some headlines that could be used on the walls and on some of the merchandising, as well tray sheets the food was delivered on.
The design team had a very clear of what they wanted to achieve and the personality they wanted to create for Carl's Jnr. It had a great heritage that none of their customers knew about.
The first step was to tour the local Carl's outlets and eat a lot of burgers!
I was then asked to write a few pieces of copy for the client presentation that would bring their story to life, to help the client visualise the design styles and decisions that were made.
I loved that. It was right up my street, creating stories and developing a personality. 
I did some homework on the background of Carl's Jnr and then wrote several stories from different angles that Carl's could project.
These stories were then used in the client presentation. I was told that the client loved them. In fact they liked it so much, they took it to their head office in the USA and became the global positioning for the brand, a story they could use to give their customer base some context of where their drive and passion for burgers came from.
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